How lovely life turns out when we have our mothers beside
Days pass by and we grow up which gives them pride.
Some more day passes as they see us moving aside.
Then one day you get into her shoes.
Oh, now you know what she has done for you.
Realizing of her sacrifices, and the part she played you understand how to deal the same ahead…
But to your dismay you fail each day …
‘Do not worry’ comes her say, for she is there to lend her hands
In one form or many; she is a mother again !


​A change, i frown;

came my words in whispers of audible sound.

I saw her face again, content with something unusual, pleased to see her relaxed. 

what comes to me can’t really tell,

moved over new way, crawling without her

I know things gonna pass

she is missing me each moment, me too;

Mom its easy to say, I will be good but how not to move ahead with a thought of coming to you all over again?


​…knocked down so badly, on the grounds of racing life, for success, showing better- best on top than the rest, why even trying to get up now when everybody is ahead of you, even the tortoise hails straight. oh it is a real bad or worst I say, what were you in your head ?what reality says? it’s your expectations killing you remain grounded they are for no real, good fortune takes back all it gets what else are you waiting it to have, worry, suffer stay to that spot where you drop however hard it maybe, behind infront those standing walking running ahead goes for praise.